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1-3 liam

1-3 liam


reference book    

TEXTBOOK: Noe, R.E. (2017) Employee Training and Development 7e. NY: McGraw Hill. Do not use previous editions. 

reply to the students' response in 150 words minimum and provide 1 reference


   what is the role of the trainer?  

Student response


Trainers have a significant roles of making employee's knowledge on the same page. According to the textbook, Employee Training, and developments, it explains, "The trainer should identify what trainees will be doing when practicing the objectives (performance), the criteria for attainment of the objective, and the conditions under which they may perform. These conditions should be present in the practice session. Next, the trainer needs to consider the adequacy of the trainees’ performance." (Noe, p.182) The author explains that the most significant role of the trainer is teaching fundamentals that gives skills, knowledge, and behaviors in short or long terms. From one of my experience as a trainer, I trained my team guys to learn about cultural engagement before we deployed. I gave them from country brief to the way to engage with Korean people. We had training once a week for three months. I taught them the fundamentals of cultural engagement skills that they would be able to leverage their skills and values in real situations. From my perspective, as a trainer, teaching fundamentals is the main role, but they need to teach employees to make relationships with counterparts to use fundamental skills. Realistically, building relationship and trust is the first step to proceed with their missions and projects. 

Noe, R. A. (2017). Employee training and development: 7th ed. Boston: McGraw-Hill, pg 182.


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