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300 words answer

300 words answer

Note:I need 300 words answer of the following assignment. I attached the required sources and study material that you need to follow. Must cite all sources in MLA. Must address all questions properly. Must provide 100% original answer.Assignment:Carefully read the instructions and place your responses to all the questions in 300 words.1. Read the interview with Cochise called, “A Conference with Cochise” (see attached file) and answer the following questions.a)      What concerns does Cochise express in this article?b)      What aspects of this article demonstrate the prejudices held by the white chroniclers about Native Americans?2. Read a New York Times account of the 1871 Camp Grant massacre of Apache (see attached file), and then answer the following questions. (You may need to enlarge the article to read it.)a)      Based on the information provided in this article, what can you infer happened to several of the Apache who were not killed in the massacre?b)      What concerns are expressed by the Apache chief quoted in the article?c)       What concerns were expressed by Lieutenant Whitman?d)      How does reading this article help us to understand the Apache warriors who fought the U.S. Army until the end of the nineteenth century?e)      Compare this massacre to others from the readings and the videos from this module.

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