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4 pages essay about personal writing reflection

4 pages essay about personal writing reflection


First, I need you go over both essays I sent and choose which one is easier for you to work with.

Second, I need you to choose 3 -5 rhetorical decisions you consciously made and list them in a short paragraph and for each one, describe why you made that choice, and how making that particular writing choice helped create a more successful essay. 

Third, I need you to follow carefully the prompt I attached and write a 4-page essay. Basically, Identify the rhetorical decisions you made, and analyze and defend why those decisions are effective, given your rhetorical situation (who you are writing to, what your purpose was, what was going on contextually). You are defending your writing. You may also use this opportunity to indicate what you would have done to make the essay more effective (not required).

This paper is not a summary of one of the two essays; it is an argument that analyzes (answers how and why) your argument may be effective for its given situation. Your goal is to reflect upon one essay and share what decisions you made as a writer, and why you thought they were effective, or what changes you could make to make it more effective.

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Here are some questions that might help you think about the essay:

· What is the argument?

· Who is the audience?

· What contextual elements surround the topic?

· What appeal(s) did you use to make the essay effective?

· What rhetorical strategies did you use to make the essay effective?

· In what way(s) are these appeals/strategies significant?

Here are some questions that you need to make sure the essay clearly addressed:

1. Has the writer provided an introduction to let the reader know the essay and choices that will be explored?

2. Does the essay provide enough information for you to understand the choices the writer made in their essay(s)?

3. Does the essay give a clear, direct thesis in the introduction?

4. Does each body paragraph take up one main idea at a time?

5. Does each body paragraph have a clear claim, or topic sentence?

6. Does each body paragraph offer evidence (from the student's essay) to back up the claim?

7. Does each body paragraph offer some discussion or analysis to show how the evidence supports the claims?

8. Is there a clear discussion about what choices were made, and what their rhetorical effect was?

9. Are there areas where the writer could develop the essay more?

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