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625 word

625 word

625 wordSelect ONE of the body systems of the following body systems:Circulatory systemDigestive systemImmune systemNervous systemRespiratory systemUrinary systemMuscular systemSkeletal systemEndocrine systemReproductive systemCreate a 625 word brochure, using the Brochure Builder, that you could present to high school students to encourage better health-seeking behaviors.use this link: why this body system is vital to a healthy life, as well as why you should take care of it.Answer the following questions in your brochure:What is the function of this major body system?What role does it play in overall health?What major organs comprise this body system?What diseases can affect organs in this body system? What are the effects of these diseases?Include the following in your brochure:Appropriate pictures, diagrams, and graphics that illustrate your explanationsAppropriately cited referencesUse terms from your Weekly Vocabulary Exercises. Emphasize the terms by bolding them in your bulletin.*Note: Students may create a brochure using Microsoft® Word or PowerPoint® if they prefer.*Note: Brochure Builder works best in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

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