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AOT 251 – Administrative Systems and Procedures

AOT 251 – Administrative Systems and Procedures

AOT 251 – Administrative Systems and Procedures

Assignment – Chapter 3

Objective: This chapter discusses the value of setting long-term and short-term goals and adjusting priorities as needed. It emphasizes the importance of a neat, professional-looking work area for the administrative assistant and the desirability of organizing your work area so that you can work efficiently. The chapter discusses managing your workload by using a planner, prioritizing, and using other strategies.

Note. Learning to manage yourself in the workplace is key. Determine how you would manage yourself as the owner of a business. Take yourself out of the role as an Administrative Professional and place yourself in the role as managing your own business.

Part A


Introduce yourself on paper and place in drop box. You are to key in the business report format. See page 438


· Your name

· What program you are enrolled in

· The other classes that you are taking this semester

· Tell how successful you have been as a student here and in your personal life

· State what you plan to do upon graduation from York Tech

· Anything else that you want me to know



Part B




You are to create a business using the business report format, example on page 438 of the textbook. Use side heading to describe each required component of the report. Each assignment will be a part of the business that will relate to the chapter that you have read. All assignments will be submitted to the drop box by the deadline and each will be graded separately


Include in the Assignment the following:


· The name of the business

· Describe the business – provide a description of what you will be doing in the business. Will you be selling a product or offering a service.

· Determine how you will maintain your physical health and energy to continually operate the business. What will you do to manage stress?

· State what is the mission—a statement that describes the reason for your company.

· Describe what the goal for your company is to be – page 70.

· Determine what benefits you will provide your employees

· Create an organization chart of the employees that will work for you – should be typed on a separate page. You can use Microsoft Word – Insert tab, SmartArt, and the Hierarchy option.



· MindTap – Use MindTap for the following assignments.

· Discussion Questions

· Critical Thinking

· Activities

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