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art response paper

art response paper

Select 8 artists with 1 or 2 selected artworks by these artists in:1. your book (World of Art)Henry Sayre (Pearson, 2015)2. (contemporary global artists) 3.  Getty Research Institute Open Content Website: an online museum located through Google’s art project website more information regarding navigation on the art project website see the following video: in your brief essays the following:            a.   Who is the artist(s)            b.   Brief  biographical information on the artist (if available);            c.   The medium employed            d.   What is the subject of the work and why was it chosen by the artist?              e.   Why was this work made? What does the work say about the artist, culture, or                         time period in which it was produced?            f.   Is there some larger philosophical, historical or social context that informs the work?            g.   What does the work mean to you in relation to your own personal experienceYour paper should be typed, have one-inch margins and numbered pages.  The paper should be double-spaced, two pages in length.  Be sure to cite your references (see below.)MLA general reference format/sequence:Author. (Date published if available; n.d.–no date– if not). Title of article. Title of web site . Retrieved date. From URL.

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