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Article review paper

Article review paper

  **** Please ensure all steps are followed with formatting as well. 

Article to be reviewed:

Article Review

Review the following article: African American English: Dialect Mistaken as an Articulation Disorder. . Your paper should include the following: 

a) Title Page

b) Name and author of the article in the first paragraph of the paper 

c) Subtitles for each section

d) 3-page content (e-g)

e) Introduction: Purpose of article/paper 

f) Body: Strengths and weaknesses of article (narrative format, but numbered) 

g) Conclusion: Key points summarized 

h) Well organized

i) Proper grammar/spelling

j) Typed double spaced 

k) Single sided 

l) Size font 12 

m) APA style writing

n) Rubric

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