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Artist Response

Artist Response

Write a 2 page, double spaced entry reflection on the artist talk given by one of the Visiting Artists this quarter, or to an Exhibition you viewed and experienced this quarter. 

In your response, answer: 

  • What photographs, work or projects most stood out to you and why? Describe the work and give context to the photograph/work in relationship to the artistic goals in the work. What did you find most relatable/interesting & why?
  • What aspect of research was evident in the Artist’s work and how do you see research being used specifically in their art practice? Give examples. 
  • What did you find to be most valuable to you as a student in the artist talk and/or in the visit to the exhibition? 
  • If you were to gain anything personal from the experience as an artist, what would it be? 
  • Is there anything else you would like to say to the artist(s) or is there a question that you didn’t get to ask them?

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