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Benchmark – The Sociological Imagination- $30

Benchmark – The Sociological Imagination- $30

The sociological imagination is the ability to see one’s self and the aspects of one’s life in the context of the larger society.In 1,000-1,250 words, use the sociological imagination by doing the following:Choose four aspects of your life associated with family situations or relationships such as, marriage, parenting style, divorce, family communication, both parents working outside the home, etc. View your personal situations in the context of the larger society. Categorize your personal family situations according to research and statistics on the family in American society as a whole.Explain how your personal situations fit in with trends in American society.Explain how viewing your personal situation from a societal point of view effects how you view your personal situation.Describe yourself or your family, provide a list of concepts. How do you see yourself in the type of family you are? How do you select a mate? How do you see yourself/family in the process or stages of married life?Provide a minimum of three to five scholarly sources to support your analysis and conclusion.I HAVE ATTACHED ALOT OF PERSONAL INFO TO PUT IN THE PAPER. I NEED IT TO BE PUT TOGETHER WELL AND SOURCES. IT MAY BE A BIT CONFUSING PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT WOULD HELP MAKE IT A BIT EASIER

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