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bibliography of Karl Marx

bibliography of Karl Marx


In this class, you will learn about many different theories and the theorists who constructed them. You will also learn about many sociologists who have contributed to the world of sociology.  This is your opportunity research one of these individuals and find out more about their personal and public lives, as well as, any of their contributions to the social, psychological and political world. 


  1. Must be a book. (Not a journal article, or online source. Can be an e-book)
  2. Length: At least 2 pages, no more than 3,
  3. 12-point Times New Roman font, 1” margins, double spaced
  4. Properly cite your reference internally utilizing any citation style you are familiar with
  5. Must be uploaded to Canvas by the due date

First:  Choose one of the theorists/sociologists discussed in the textbook.   I have also attached a list of additional theorist you may research. Sociologist and Theorist.docxPreview the document (Click to open this document)

Second: Research your subject.

Gather the basic facts, such as date and place of birth, education, family, achievements, and place and date of death, if applicable. (Your primary source must be a book.) Also, find out about any major events that took place in the time of your subject and use them as backdrops to more fully draw out the character of your subject. (I.E.  any wars, social revolutions, etc.) Look for the impact that your subject had on society and any historical significance.

Third: Begin your biography in an interesting way.

Try to make your biography interesting.  Most people connect with a biography first and foremost on an emotional level. Remember, your opening is what captures the reader’s attention and sets the tone for your paper. You may choose to include a little known fact or a fascinating event at the beginning. If you do, make sure it is relevant and that it leads into the body of your biography.

Fourth: Select the proper tone.

Before you begin to write, think about your subject’s life. Is it a tale of tragedy or triumph? Was your subject’s life inspirational or gritty and dark? You want to create an image in your reader’s mind that matches the prevailing mood of their life. Use a tone that matches this appropriately.

Fifth:  Break down the components of your subject’s life.

Break down your subject’s life story into three or four parts or time periods. Once you’ve done this, you can find what could include other interesting sub plots in the story. Look for a certain arc in the story. You could even select just a part of the subject’s life if that is a defining moment in their evolution. For instance, if your theorist constructed a theory that is still relevant today, you may want to focus on this theory and any attempts to critique or extend this person’s theory.

When you refer to works by other authors in your biography, it’s important that you cite them accurately so your reader can validate the references.  Your cited references will add credibility and relevance to the story. Please consult Purdue Owl’s online writing lab located at

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