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Many towns and small cities have Web sites that they use to interact with their citizens. Describe three departments that should be included on the home page of a small town’s Web site and describe the citizen interactions that should be facilitated by the site for each department. If you were designing the web site – what else would you include? Give examples of how it would benefit the community and its member.  Your initial post should be a minimum of 300 words in length. Then, make at least two thoughtful responses to your fellow students’ posts.

Tammy Dunagan 

Three departments that I would include on this type of web site are:  Emergency Services; Child Services; and Senior Citizen Services.  The Emergency Services link would be the most important link.  This link would provide processes, protocols and other exit plans that need to be followed in the event that an emergency arises.  In areas where I live this would especially become a need during Hurricane Season.  This link would also include contact information for emergency departments such as fire, police, and 911 services closest to the area.  The child services link would provide information on health, education and other child related information.  This department would monitor recreation departments and ensure safety for children as well.  The senior citizen link would provide information on basic needs and other concerns for these members of the community.  Also listed would be groups that would provide activities to keep these community members with other senior citizens.  All of these links would provide an area to post concerns or praises an individual would want the rest of the community to know about.  Each department would monitor these posts and take action if necessary.  If I were the person who was designing this web site, I would design these links with easy to use access for everyone in the different age groups to be able to post on each department’s link. 

Nina Hahn

For this weeks discussion post I used the web side of my hometown as an example. (german)

Each city uses their web side to provide important information for their habitants and also important contact numbers. Additionally the web site is used for tourist information. People who come to the town can inform themselves about things to do in the town as well as hotel and transport information.

A department that is represented on all websites of cities is the citizen service. Here citizens can find important addresses such as the addresses of the tax office or authorities such as the police or hospitals as well as taxi services. Under this heading you will also find the necessary forms to apply for public documents or to make appointments with the public authorities.
Another department is community service, which informs about the life of the city and what there is to experience in the city. the tourism service is also integrated here, so that foreign visitors know what to explore. Details on other community services would include class timings, subjects, courses offered, list of workshops to be conducted and many other.
One last important section that can be found on each web side is important announcements and bill payment services. All the important announcements pertaining to the town and also announcements by the town government are posted under this section. the town counselor can update the town about announcements and elections. Poeple can be up to date what the government is doing and how politics are changing for the town. Other things that will be posted under this section are bill due date for municipal, electricity bills, benefits extended or benefits stopped etc. This gives all the information that a citizen of this town would otherwise need at his very convenience.

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