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Part 1 is comprised of the training program package that would be necessary for your organization. The package is to include a lesson plan and training materials (handouts, presentation, etc.). Part 1 THAT WAS DUE on Sunday of Module/Week 3.

Part 2, which will be due in Module/Week 6, will be a literature review to provide support for the training program you develop.


Individual Project: Part 2 Instructions

Based on the topic you chose for training, please conduct a literature review to support your training program. The literature review should be written in APA format, including a properly formatted title page, abstract, and reference page (not Works Cited or Bibliography). The literature review must be a minimum of 8 full pages, excluding the title page, abstract, and references pages, and must include at least 10 scholarly references. Textbooks do not count towards the number of references. The Bible must be used as 1 of the references; however, the Bible will only count as 1 source, no matter how many verses are used. The remaining 9 references must be scholarly articles from peer-reviewed journals, published within the past 5 years. References may not include websites, blogs, newspapers, magazines, books, textbooks, or conference proceedings. Remember, a literature review is a review of the current literature on a particular topic. The goal is not to solve a problem, so there should not be a research question. 

Part 2, the literature review, is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 6.


  • Individual Project: Part 2 – FINALSubmit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday.
    Professor’s reminders:
    NOTE: Do not copy-and-paste the work of others into your literature review. SafeAssign will detect this as a direct match.  Instead, paraphrase the work of others into your own words. High SafeAssign scores will be reviewed for possible plagiarism.
    • Part 2 of the Individual Project is the Literature Review of 10 scholarly articles from scholarly, academic peer-reviewed journals that must be a minimum of eight (8) complete pages of typed narrative, using 12 point Times New Roman fonts on all pages (including the title page and references list), one-inch margins on all four sides, and double-spacing. Submitting 7.9 pages of typed narrative or less will result in a substantial grading penalty. The required title page, abstract, and required references page do not count toward the minimum page count.
    • Be sure to review the following suggestions in the Professor’s Improvement Suggestions document:
      • Suggestions for writing the Introduction
      • Suggestions for writing the Content/Main Body
      • Suggestions for writing the Conclusion
    • Structure of the Literature Review
      • Always begin written assignments with a title page, typed in 12-point Times New Roman fonts. This must include the title of paper, your name, course number, course name, university name, professor’s name, and date submitted.
      • An abstract is required for the literature review. This must follow the title page and precede the Introduction section. An abstract is a concise summary of the key points of your research. Write the abstract last.
      • The Introduction, Conclusion and all remaining sections of the Literature Review must be organized under Level 1 headings (centered, boldface, with uppercase and lowercase letters – see pp. 62-63 of the APA manual about Level 1 headings).
      • Current literature only: In terms of academic scholarship, articles published within the past five years are considered current. For the literature review, you must find peer-reviewed articles dated 2014 though 2019. Much has changed in Human Resources Management theory and practice since the 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, and early 2000’s – therefore, find scholarly articles from journals dated 2014 through 2019.
      • The References list (beginning on a new, separate page following the narrative) must include at least ten scholarly references (published 2014 through 2019), including the Bible. (Note: According to page 179 of the APA manual, the Bible is considered a Classical Work and, as such, must not be placed in the references list.  However, in-text citations for Bible chapters and verses should be provided. This means that you will have at least 10 sources, including the Bible, but only nine will appear on the references list.)
      • Center the word References at the top of the references list (not Works Cited or Bibliography) in 12 point Times New Roman fonts. Each row of each reference must be double-spaced, and references must be typed with a hanging indent.
      • Do not include course textbooks as references.
      • The APA format requires that you insert in-text citations at the correct places in the narrative each and every time someone else influenced your work, and when you use the ideas, statistics, terms or information of others.
      • Articles must be from academic, peer-reviewed scholarly journals only.  No books, textbooks, dot.coms, dot.govs, websites, blogs, conferences proceedings, newspapers, monthly or weekly magazines, etc. In addition, the Bible must be one of the ten sources.
      • Reminder: A peer-reviewed scholarly journal is a research-oriented academic, peer-reviewed publication with an editorial board (peers) that screens articles according to the highest academic standards. There are tutorials available about peer-reviewed academic journals on the LU library’s webpage, for example: Also, see the Professor’s Improvement Suggestions document for additional information, and a list of prohibited sources.
      • All in-text citations and the References list must be presented accurately and correctly in the APA format.
    • The Literature Review must not be a string of quotations. Keep quotations to an absolute minimum. If quotations are used, these will not count toward the minimum page count of eight (8) original pages. Zero quotations preferred. Higher grades are associated with papers containing zero quotations.
    • Each assignment must be typed in 12-point Times New Roman fonts on all pages, including the title page, abstract, and references page.
    • No excess white space, extra spacing, extra indentions, or wide margins: Excess white space at the top or bottom of pages, extra spacing between paragraphs or sections, extra indentions on either side of the page, or margins greater than one-inch will not count toward the minimum page count, and will result in a substantial grading penalty. Likewise, keep all text together. Do not insert page breaks anywhere in the document.
    • Graduate-level analysis and discussion requires good narrative prose. As such, please do not submit bulleted or numbered statements in your narrative.

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