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can you help me write a discussion post ?

can you help me write a discussion post ?

Step 1 Establishing the Issue: 

What is the Issue: 0.5 Points In 1 sentence, state the issue about race that you 


Issue: Impact of Terrorism on Muslim Identity

Today, terrorism is quickly linked with Muslim identity and religion subjected to persuasive scrutiny in the United States. 

Background: 2 Points In 1-2 detailed paragraphs describe what this issue is about.  You can use up to 2 internet sources.  Just make sure to avoid Wikipedia and be sure to cite them in-text and in the works cited page.

State Your Opinion: 0.5 Points State your personal opinion about this issue.

Step 2 Opinion Switch: Argue, convincingly and unapologetically in support of the side of the social issue about race that you disagree with.

3 Arguments: 12 Points

  • In 2-3 detailed paragraphs, apply and cite in-text and in the works cited page multiple class concepts from this class (from lecture, and/or class reading material) to defend 3 arguments, that you come up with on your own, supporting the view you disagree with.  
  • When arguing this side you must make sure to be convincing.  You do not need to state that this is not your view as everyone already knows that.
  • The only acceptable sources you can use in the section are class readings and the lectures.
  • Since the focus of this is application and argumentation avoid quoting and defining terms.

Learned: 1 Point In 2-3 sentences, write what you learned from arguing the opposite of what you believe in.

Works Cited 

Cite extensively from the lecture, cite each lecture you use as a website, the textbook, and the up to two internet sources.

Use MLA format

*Note: The textbook, the lessons, course readings, and 2 outside internet sources should be the only sources you use.

How to format your post? Post format examplepastedGraphic.png.

How do I write effectively for this class? Writing guide


This is a formal college level piece, so make sure to proofread your work for spelling, grammar, syntax and other errors.  Please use college resources (under free resources) for help with this.  Full, complete sentences are required, with multiple paragraphs being used.  Do not use contractions (spell out “cannot” –do not use “can’t”).  Capitalize “I.”

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