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case study .

case study .

I posted a model of 16 files, read to answer the question, it's a case study again it's a case study .

all assignment info in the assignment file uploaded with the question and files .

It has to be :

1-Complete and organized submissions that adhere to all assignment instructions. 

2-High quality submissions that clearly demonstrate understanding of course materials. 

3-Properly formatted submissions demonstrating professional, college- level tone, no spelling or grammar errors and well- documented sources (when applicable). 

  1. Case study 1:  Starbucks and Conservation International. 

Q. 1        List and discuss four rationales for the Collaboration: Starbucks (40 points). 

Using the rubric, in the content, you will list four rationales (reasons) for collaboration. 

In application, you will discuss these rationales in your words. About 60 words min. for each rationale (That means 240 words in total, at minimum).  read directions and grading rubric . read grading rubric for a better content . focus on the content on the paper do not just throw words . 

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