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classroom interaction

classroom interaction

Answers are based on reading materials Only 

1. Reflect on Principle #1 of Consequences and describe a way you could take a teachable moment or mistake and turn it in to a way to teach responsibility.  Suppose this student was making a bad choice which caused another preschooler to get hurt.  

On a separate page answer the following, 

submit your Reading Log with a two paragraph summary and two paragraph reflection on the reading assignment for this week. Clearly label your Summary and Reflection with headings.  In your Summary each week, provide a review of the key points in the reading this week. In the Reflection, provide your own analysis of the material and any insight and conclusions you developed from your in-depth examination of this week's readings.


Bailey, R. A. (2014). Conscious discipline: building resilient classrooms. Oviedo, FL: Loving Guidance.

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