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code project javascript .. will pay

code project javascript .. will pay

 Project Description: 

The Rich Internet Application (RIA) reflects the gradual, but inevitable transition of Web applications from the simple thin-client model of a traditional Web browsertoaricherdistributed-functionmodel,whichbehavesmore,likethedesktopinaclient/servermodel.Todaythesericheruserexperiencesare being implemented with technologies such as HTML & CSS, JavaScript/JQuery, XML/JSON, AJAX and PHP/Node.js (or other frameworks), using standard Internet and Webprotocols. Your task is to: Choose an area of interest to design, create and deploy a RIA that incorporates: • Structured data in XML and/or JSON formats (20%) • Retrieval and manipulation of structured data using a server-side framework (30%) • Validation and visualization of data using client-side scripting techniques (30%) The finished application should be accompanied by a short report (10%) and projects will be assessed via presentation (10%) following week 13. This project has two deliverables: 1. The first deliverable is the application itself. All code has to be submitted through Moodle together with the report below. 2. The second deliverable is a brief report (three pages max) outlining each of the technologies used, where they were used and what were the advantagesofusingthechosentechnologyoveranother.Youwillneedtoresearchtheprosandconsofeachtechnologyconcernedand incorporate information on topics discussed in the class. The cover sheet for the report should include full student numbers, student names, project title, a link to your completed application on Codeanywhere or Cloud9 or Okeanos and a link to your GitHub repository. A grading rubric for each of the grade items is outlined below. Please use this as a guide for the development of the project. 

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