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Course Paper

Course Paper


  1. The course research paper is a formatted APA paper over any course-related topic in the field of Information Technology, Governance Concepts, Strategies, and Best Practices. 
    • It is 7 – 10 pages, double spaced.
    • The paper will contain a title page, abstract, introduction/topic paragraph, summary/conclusion, and reference page (so at least 5 pages, double-spaced, of actual content) . 
    •  Content must be unique to this course (no reuse of previous work).
    • Must cite at least 10 references and 5 must be from peer reviewed scholarly journals (accessible from the UC Library).
    • This paper must be in proper APA format and avoid plagiarism when paraphrasing content. 
    • You will be graded on grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Use of article spinners and translators that populate the paper with nonsensical sentences will result in a significant grade hit – up to even a 0 for the paper if it does not evidence PhD level work.

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