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Course: Software Requirements Definition & Analysis

Course: Software Requirements Definition & Analysis

Please answer the following questions in complete sentences:

Please choose only 5 questions from this list that may be easy and understandable.

The actual assignment will consist of 5 questions from this list.

1.  Why is tracing requirements through design, construction, and testing worth the effort?

2.  Why is controlling changes to requirements important?

3.  Why is version control of Requirements Specification Documents important?

4.  Why should both the customer (or representative) and developers be involved in decisions on requirements changes?

5.  Why might the priority of a requirement change during development?

6.  Explain how a specific metric could be used to assist in requirements priority setting.

7.  Why is velocity important in an agile iteration?

8.  What do you feel is the best way to address requirements implementation effort estimation?  Why?

9.  How does requirements management differ between an iterative lifeycle and a continuous lifecycle?

10.  How does risk affect requirements priority setting?

I will give you more details on how to answer these questions by viewing lectures and notes.

Thank You (:

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