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Data analytics & Visualization

Data analytics & Visualization



1. Data Acquisition 

a. select a data mining project. This could be a based on the dataset you identified before. 

b. Identify the dataset and load and store to your computer.

c. Briefly describe the data acquisition process.

2. Collect Method

a. Describe the data collect method.

3. Data Examination

a. Examine the dataset and briefly explain your findings

4. Data Transformation 

a. Perform data transformation techniques such as data cleansing, conversion, creation, and consolidation on the dataset.

b. Record the transformation activities you performed on your dataset.

5. Data Exploration and Presentation

a. Decide how you want to present the data. Use the Charts in chapter 6 to help. 

b. Using R tool to create the chart of your choice.


Word file with following:

· Describing the data acquisition

· Collection method

· Data examination process 

· Data transformation required

· Chart figure

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