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defines critical infrastructure as “the assets’ systems and network

defines critical infrastructure as “the assets’ systems and network

The textbook defines critical infrastructure as “the assets’ systems and networks, whether physical or virtual, so vital that their incapacitation or destruction would have a debilitating effect on security, national economic security, public health or safety.

For this week’s writing assignment, please create a report that answers the following questions:Provide a brief description of 3-5 CIKR that exist within your community. Select one CIKR and identify the private and public partnership structure. What Sector-Specific Agency would be responsible for providing institutional knowledge / and specialized expertise for your CIKR? Conduct a risk assessment by identifying the threat (natural and manmade), vulnerabilities and consequence to your CIKR. What activities would you implement to help manage your risk?

How would you evaluate the effectiveness of your activities?

How would information be shared throughout the process? Paper Submission Requirements: Paper must include a “reference page” not included in the 2-5-page minimum. Use APA format.

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