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Descriptive paragraph

Descriptive paragraph

Paragraph Draft

After reading Chapter 3 in Along These Lines, write a draft of your descriptive paragraph describing your favorite place. The paragraph should contain a topic sentence, supporting sentences, and a clincher. It should be coherent and unified.

Complete and submit the draft of your descriptive paragraph to no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT. can be accessed by clicking the Resources menu at the top of the page and selecting Tutoring Services

Before submitting writing assignments to, you need to become familiar with the site. can be accessed by clicking the Resources tab at the top of the Courses page and selecting Tutoring Services. Click the “Submit a paper for review” button and fill out the form letting the tutor know what type of essay you are submitting.  When your paper has been returned, you can find the comments by going to, selecting My Account, and clicking My Sessions

NOTE: When you subm

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