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                                                                      Part 1Given the outcome of several recent verdicts (e.g., Casey Anthony, Bradley Manning), defend or critique the jury system overall as part of the U.S. adversarial system. Suggest the key benefits of a jury system for both the plaintiff and the defendant. Justify your response.Determine two (2) typical complaints from either the defendant or the plaintiff that you believe commonly result from a jury trial. Suggest at least two (2) factors that lead to each complaint.Provide a rationale for your response.—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————                                                                                           part 2Analyze the need for jury sequestration in a capital offense case. Defend or critique the idea that jurors are rarely punished for misconduct. Provide a rationale with two (2) examples to support your position.From this week’s e-Activity, compare the advantages and disadvantages of relying on the voter’s list for jury service. Give an opinion as to whether or not an eighteen (18) year old is too young to become a juror. Provide a rationale for your response.============================================================================                                                            E-activity Go to the United States Courts Website, and review the current methods of jury service selection, located at Be prepared to discuss.

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