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Discussion 6

Discussion 6

There are 2 parts to this assignment 

Part 1:

Please view the instruction file. Make sure the answer sounds like an actual discussion. Make sure to follow the word count minimum of 180 words. Only use the eBook chapters 14 & 15. No outside sources. 

Part 2:Please respond to 2 classmates. Please pick 2 responses you agree with from the files I uploaded. 175 words each. Be constructive and professional in your responses. Please be sure to reach the 175 word count for each respond. 

you can use course text book (chapter 14 & 15) as a source. You can also use outside sources in your responses. Don't use more than 2 sources per answer please. 

Textbook: Dessler, G. (2017). Human resource management (15th ed.). Pearson Education.

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