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An error made by unprepared negotiators who don’t know what they need but ask for what they want. A perceptual bias from predicting what will be pleasurable or painful.For example, we believe a promotion at work will be the answer to all our troubles, yet…once we get it, there is no miraculous transformation.  It may not improve our situation and may actually make life more difficult!The Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, Celtics have to win world championships or misery willendure… (if you’re from Boston)If my candidate for President, Governor etc. doesn’t win the world as we know it will beimperiled…I simply must have a Mercedes-Benz…etc.Read the attached article. Describe a “miswanting” situation you’ve observed orbeen involved in at work or in your personal life.And by the way, remember:These events are rarely as important as we believe and the effects are not long lasting.So, don’t overdo worrying or obsessing about what the future holds. Happiness is moredependent on strong social ties – the love of family and friends. This is discussion assignment, just share the opinion after reading the article on the following.200 words and one reference! Please on time and follow my requirement, thank you!

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