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Discussion Question: Communication, Coaching, and Conflict Skills

Discussion Question: Communication, Coaching, and Conflict Skills

  Chapter 6  Communication, Coaching, and Conflict Skills

What I've Observed

Select a present or past manager. Which conflict management style did that manager use most often? Explain by providing an example 

250 words

Book reference: Kouzes, James M. and Posner Barry Z. The Leadership Challenge, 5th Ed. New Jersey: Jossey-Bass, Inc., 2012.

Case Analysis

After reading your assigned chapters (5/6)

1. Explain why the communications skills and techniques used within a business unit (department) ae not always effective in communicating across business units or up and down the corporate ladder.

2. Explain why conflict resolution communication skills are not always present in everyday workplace situations and how skilled communications professionals would add value to that workplace.  400 words needed.

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