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dr rocal 4192 discussion

dr rocal 4192 discussion

Read the chapter 6 case study (p. 88) and resolution (p. 108), and provide an alternate reply other than the response given in the textbook. Act as if you are in Penny’s position. Your reply should be at least three paragraphs long; each paragraph should have a minimum of 4 sentences. The first paragraph should be the reply/feedback. The next paragraph should be recommended action Ed should take, and the final paragraph should be two concepts from chapter 6 to justify your response.CASE STUDY Penny and Ed were discussing their working environments. “My boss is okay. He’s accessible and interested in hearing from me. He is easy to get along with,” said Penny. “Mine is just the opposite,” Ed complained. “He sits in his office doing his work. Whenever I want to see him, I have to make an appointment at least a week in advance. You and I both have professional jobs. I wonder what is respon-sible for the difference in behavior.” What do you think Penny will say to Ed? CASE STUDY RESOLUTION Returning to Penny and Ed’s conversation, Penny offered the following com-ments. “I don’t think the difference in attitude is due to their personalities. Rather, I think the organizational environments in which we work are different,” Penny said. “Your organization is traditional in its approach to structure. Its managers are consistent in the way they treat their subordinates. You have formal struc-tures, and your managers respect the formal channels of communications that follow the organization chart. They also derive their power from their position on that chart. In my organization, senior management made a decision to reduce barriers, disperse power, and promote informal channels of communication. That required trusting their employees and having faith that that their decision would be successful.”“You may be correct,” replied Ed. “If so, why are your customer ratings so much better than ours?”“Simple,” Penny did not pause for a breath before continuing, “Because the employees in my organization appreciate the confidence of senior management, they work harder now than in the past. They also talk to each other more. Out- put is up, programs have improved, and customers receive better treatment.” “Lucky you,” said Ed wistfully. “Before you complain,” Penny began. She continued, “Apply the lessons you seem to have learned and treat the workers you supervise as my organization does all of its employees. Little steps, especially those that set good examples, add up over time.”“I will,” Ed promised. “In the meantime, I owe you a glass of the adult bever-age of your choice.”“Deal,” replied Penny. bookManaging Health Organizations for Quality and Performance (Required) L. Fleming Fallon, L. Fleming Fallon (Jr.), James W. Begun, William Joseph RileyJones & Bartlett Publishers, (2014)ISBN-10: 1449653278ISBN-13: 9781449653279

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