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In this essay I want you to watch the films and do the corresponding reading for the films "Metropolis", Modern Times", and "Chinatown".  The purpose of the essay is to focus on struggles in the transition to an industrial and urban economy. In 5 pages I want you  to take a scene from each film that  and briefly describe them ( no longer than half a page for each description).  I then want you to use these scenes to discuss how the directors represent the struggles faced by a city that is undergoing such a large economic transformation.  In each case I want you to think about the city itself as a character in the film and whether or not the city is a place of opportunity or antagonism for the director and thus the characters in the film.

Structure your paper as follows:

1) Introduction

2) Portrayal of Scenes

3) Discussion of paper topic

4) Conclusion

It is due in 72 hours, Double-space 5 pages, MLA format. Please watch those films through YouTube before you begin to work on the essay.

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