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ECON312N Principles of Economics Week 8 Discussion

ECON312N Principles of Economics Week 8 Discussion

ECON312N Principles of Economics

Week 8 Discussion

Fiscal Policy Simulation Exercise


Read/review the following resources for this activity:

Textbook: all chapters

Lesson (This lesson provides an overview of The Fiscal Ship. Make sure to review before beginning this activity.)

Link (website): The Fiscal Ship (Links to an external site.)


Data analysis is an indispensable part of the study of Economics, and plays a significant role in the formulation of economic theory and policy. The Fiscal Ship game will be based on simulating Fiscal Policies to set the U.S budget on a sustainable path. This exercise also reinforces concepts taught in the course.

It is imperative that you read the Instructions provided to help you successfully play this game. Once you have familiarized yourself with the features of the simulation tool, click on the link for The Fiscal Ship to launch the game. Select New Game. Then, conduct your desired policy simulations.

Initial Post Instructions

Answer all of the following questions after you attempt to meet your target goal.  If you have the desire and the time, you can play the game more than once in order to meet your target goal.

Specify where in the spectrum of political ideology you would consider yourself to be? Centrist, Progressive or Conservative.

State the Governing Goals you chose and provide reasons why you chose those goals.

Specify which of your policy choices had the largest impact on your fiscal target, and which barely moved the line. Were you surprised by the magnitude of any policy choices?

State whether or not the game made you reevaluate your initial governing goals?

Propose ways that you think the federal government should set the budget on a sustainable course in the next 25 years?

Remember to attach a screenshot of your budget solutions to your discussion post.

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