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english…… due in 10 hours……

english…… due in 10 hours……

must have done in 10 hours…… please read…… 


You have completed this week's reading and viewing, and you have an introductory understanding of ethical issues in the film industry.

Writing Directions:

In at least 250 words, compose an initial post regarding the following prompt:


Based on "Hollywood Has A Major Diversity Problem, USC Study Finds ( )" by Eric Deggans, what 3 things did you learn from this reading, or what confused you from the reading? Listing and explaining are a great way to answer this question. 

What 2 stellar quotes stood out to you from the reading? Please copy and paste the quotes and explain why they stood out to you. 

What 1 question do you still have after completing the reading? Hopefully, your peers can offer an answer to your question.

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