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Essay Assignment 3: Controversy

Essay Assignment 3: Controversy

English 102, Essay 3

Assignment Sheet

Essay Assignment 3: Controversy

You will write about a controversy in your chosen topic and your essay must discuss the significance of this controversy within your topic. You will develop an argument about your topic based on your research. For example, if my topic is Francis Bacon, I could write about the monstrous human forms in his paintings and the controversy surrounding the interpretation of the emotional human dynamic found in his subjects. Focus on uncovering contentious areas of your topic and developing an argument based on the information you present. You must reference each of the sources you use within the body of your essay, whether by quote, paraphrase or other method.


· Minimum Two and a half pages

· Space is 1.0 (NO Double space or one and a half-space, 2.0 or 1.5)

· 12-point Times New Roman font.

· Two copies of your final paper – one formatted in MLA format, the other in APA format


The essay needs to be expanded more on the Controversy that is base on the first essay is talking about a vampire.

· Minimum FIVE sources, must include the following:

THREE secondary, scholarly sources

TWO primary sources of your choice

· Completed self-evaluation rubric, found on p63 of the Comp. & Rhet. Guide

· Blank essay rubric, found on p71 of the Comp. & Rhet Guide

· Moodle submission and hardcopy

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