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Essay Minimum Wage/5 pages Double Spaced

Essay Minimum Wage/5 pages Double Spaced

Minimum Wagea. Title Page: Minimum Wageb.  Minimum Wage Topics or outline:-Establishment and History of minimum wage-Arguments for and against minimum wage-Arguments for and against raising the minimum wage-Arguments for and against abolishing the minimum wagec. Literature review identifying the current research and understanding of the issue- discussions, elaborations, and findings found in existing articlesd. Application of appropriate theories to the issue/problem                             – e.g. detailed use of elements of theories to explain an issue/probleme. Results of theory application                                                                              – e.g. what do we now see or know differently or more clearly?f. Discussion of implications of theory application findings                                – e.g. what should be done differently in the future or what can we now do?g. Conclusion                                                               (overall 5 pages )

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