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Event And Meeting Planning

Event And Meeting Planning

Event And Meeting Planning


You were hired for putting on a fashion show for a luxury designer brand in Los Angeles. It was scheduled for two days, and over 400 people had tickets to see the latest collections. You had the perfect place picked out after months of searching.

And then the venue cancelled. But the show must go on in 1 month!!!

1) Please identify at least three urgent tasks on your to-do-list and explain why these tasks are very urgent.

2) You need to choose a new venue for the fashion show. Please select three venues for future consideration (Note. You have enough budget). Please provide the brief introduction of each venue and attached the link of floor plan and F&B menu.

3) Why do you select these three venues? Please state the Pros and Cons of each venue?

4) Among these three venues, which venue is your first choice? Why?Please explain the factors influencing your final venue selection.

5) After this venue was selected, what are the following tasks need to be performed to guarantee the success of the fashion show,

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