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Extra Credit Assignment

Extra Credit Assignment

Using at least two sociological concepts, conduct a sociological analysis of an American holiday, perhaps Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, or Easter. Be sure to consider what social roles and cultural scripts characterize these holidays? What do they tell us about American culture?

Assignment Details

1)  How should I submit it? Upload your paper into the D2L assignment dropbox. 

2)  Double space your assignment and use Times New Roman font.

3)  How long is the assignment? 1,000 words minimum (approx. 4 pages double spaced), not including the bibliography. Please include a word count & the citation style used (e.g. Chicago, MLA, APA) at the end of your paper.

4)  Do I need to use outside academic sources? Yes, you must cite and/or quote at least 2 non-class scholarly journals and/or books. You can use other types of sources, but they will not count as one of the two academic sources. Remember, academic sources are primarily books and journal articles.  

a.  Be sure to properly cite. Plagiarized papers will NOT receive credit.

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