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Flapper by Joshua Zeitz Paper

Flapper by Joshua Zeitz Paper

Paper Rubric:2-3 pages (12 point, double-spaced, normal margins)You want to demonstrate two things with this paper.First, show me that you read the book. Recap/summarize it in a concise way.Second, show me you thought about it. Consider things like what the author’s thesis was, why he/she wrote it, what was the bigger story he/she was trying to tell. What interested you about the book? Why did I assign it?This is a free form kind of paper, but make sure that grammar and punctuation are clean and correct.You shouldn’t have to worry about outside citations, but if you do use one, use a style you are familiar with and be consistent. Don’t use overly long quotations (more than a line or so). When you do cite, make sure you include a page number.

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