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General spelling rules

General spelling rules

Everyone experiences challenge when trying to memorize tough-to-spell English words. It is because most spellings differ widely from their pronunciation. The situation becomes complicated because some words are spelled differently in American English and British English. However, there is always hope for those who face difficulties in spelling, as they can consider getting professional help with their essays. It’s important to check out edusson reviews before making an order for any essay, so that you only go for high-quality writing service. 

Here are some of the spelling rules that will help you perfect your writing skills. 

I before E, except after C

In this rule, you will ensure that before letter E, you have an I. This rule comes with several reservations. However, it can be a perfect guide for you as a college student striving to perfect his writing skills. Some of the words that observe this rule include: piece, believe, and field. Some words with reservations to this rule are those that have both letters I and E coming after letter C. They interchange the letters. As such, E comes first before I. Some of these words include receive and deceit. 

Adding Suffixes to Words that End in Y

There are various suffixes that you can add to words that end with y. Such include suffixes starting with e such as –ed, -er, or –est). When you add such suffixes to words ending with Y, then the Y automatically changes to an I. Some of these words include "cry", which changes to "cried". Others include "lay" which changes to "laid", "baby" which changes to "babies", "family" which changes to "families" and "ugly" which changes to "ugliest". You can check out the reservations associated with this specific guide online. 

The Silent E

An E after a consonant should be silent. However, this should not affect the way you pronounce the vowel that comes before the consonant. Some of these words include bite and cute. Correctly getting these words will help you detect plagiarism. 

Double Consonants

For double consonants, it is usually difficult to hear them when the pronunciation of a word is loud. It is often most common when a word has a single syllable. In most instances, double consonants occur in words with suffixes. One of these words is blessed. Dessert is also one of the words with a double consonant. 

Plural Suffix

There are instances that –s is added to a word to make a plural. There are also those times when we add –es to make a plural. Discerning when to use either of these has been a challenge to most students. 

From the guide, there are several rules that one is supposed to observe to perfect their spellings. In college, there are always penalties attached to spelling errors when a student submits an essay for marking. However, when you are well acquainted with the rules, then you will be able to discern such mistakes before it gets to the lecturer. It will most definitely impact positively on your results. You never want to miss out on this by all means. Keep training, and your performance as a college student will inspire you a great deal. 

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