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Google Form Revised

Google Form Revised

1. First view the assigned videos related to Google (see links below). There is an additional video below this forum from McGraw Hill on Google – please watch.2. Formulate your responses and contribute by making posts to the Discussion Forum (see the suggested question prompts below in #3). You are automatically assigned, by iLearn, to a “Group”. Don’t worry what group you are in. After students in your Group start making posts, you will see a letter (or number) designating your group (e.g., Group A, Group B, etc). You do not have to do anything to join a Group–so simply make a post. You will only be able to see posts from the students who belong to your Group.3. Discussion Question Prompts:   a). What is unique about the GOOGLE culture? b) Will GOOGLE be able to sustain this type of culture? c). What might be some aspects of the DARK SIDE of Google? d) Why is GOOGLE training their employees in mindfulness? Is there also a dark side to mindfulness training?4. It takes about a week before the forum can be graded (there are over 950 students in the class). Check for your grade at least a week after the forum is due.5. Postings to forums must be made before the Sunday evening deadline. Do not wait until 9pm on Sunday to make a perfunctory post.

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