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Grant Proposal Final Submission Rubric


The writer has focused on a unique project within their community of practice. There is clear purpose and outcome to the project the writer wishes to engage in.

      ____ (10 points possible)

The writer has chosen a real-world grant that links to their desired interests in an obvious way. The grant is active and the writer is qualified to seek the grant, whether as an organization or an individual.

      ____ (5 points possible)


The grant includes all the proper documentation which may include, but is not limited to, a cover sheet, project proposal, budget, organization information, and/or methodology.

      ____ (25 points possible)

The grant has been written in a clear and direct format. The language is formal and easy to understand. Each document of the grant is complete and descriptive in nature.

      ____ (20 points possible)

Mechanics and Document Design:

The document is designed with meticulous attention to the formatting standards laid out by the grant guidelines.

​​​​​​​​​       ____ (10 points possible)

The writer has taken ownership of their grant proposal. They have presented their information acting as a member of their desired professional community.

      ____ (10 points possible)

The grant proposal is between 7-12 pages in length and one drafts has been submitted during the writing process.

      ____ (10 points possible)

The grant proposal is virtually free from error. The organization of their proposal is clearly marked.​​​​​​​​      

      ____ (10 points possible)

Total: 100 points

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