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h PowerPoint Presentation should be between 20-25 slides

h PowerPoint Presentation should be between 20-25 slides


Students will create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation on a health and aging topic that could be used in a class to educate future healthcare professionals. This must be a different topic than was done for the Health Fact Sheet.

  1. Students will utilize professional sources of information for accurate up-to-date health information for the power point assignment.  (Please use resources from or internet resources that are valid and reliable.
  2. Students will design the power point presentation for the education of future health professionals. It should be accurate, well organized, visually appealing, and include key information on a single selected aging topic of your choosing.
  3. Each PowerPoint Presentation should be between 20-25 slides.
  4. All scientific information must include (on the particular slide ) the citations for where the information came from. Additionally, the final slide on each presentation should be a list of all of the citations used (in APA format). A minimum of 3 citations must be used.
  5. The full PowerPoint presentation will be uploaded to the Blackboard site in the “Aging Topic PowerPoint” area.

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