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History Essay on racism

History Essay on racism

 6-7 page history research paper.  Your research paper must explore the historical roots of a contemporary conflict. You may choose to study any issue you like, but it must have occurred primarily outside of the United States, and you must be able to trace its history back at least prior to 1980.

Clarity of topic and question: Does your essay focus on specific places, peoples, and events in the past? Does it make a clear connection between these specific events and a broad global problem? Is it driven by strong historical questions, or does it focus on expressing personal opinion?

Depth of exploration: How fully did you explore the history of this topic? Did you successfully demonstrate a balanced consideration of all factors, and did you take different perspectives into account in your analysis?

Quality of historical reasoning: Do you have a clear sense of the chronology of events? Do you accurately explain the connections, causes, and consequences of historical events? Do you have a clear thesis that answers your research question?

Quality of Research and Writing: How well researched is this project? Does it make use of the most relevant and credible academic sources? Does the bibliography include both primary texts and historical monographs? Is it clearly written, with precise language, strong topic sentences, and sufficient supporting evidence?

Start by describing a current conflict in the world today, and explaining how this conflict is connected to a global issue. Then its should make a statement about how a specific piece of history can help us understand/solve this conflict. Then it should report fully on that specific piece of history (who, what, where, when, why it matters). The body section should begin with a summary of the deeper history of your topic, drawn from course readings and your own research. Then it should move forward in chronological order, to focus on your main historical topic. At the end, your paper should conclude by reflecting upon the large global significance of the piece of history you just shared. To be strong essay, it must make a clear connection between the past and the present, and it must make a clear connection between a specific piece of history and a broad global problem.

Attached are documents that include topic and research 

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