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A Difficult Recruitment

This discussion builds on the Week 4 Vignette from the Capella multimedia Decision Vignettes you completed as part of your studies for this unit. If you have not yet completed the interaction, do so now before participating in this discussion.

Initial Post Guidelines

Assume you are the senior HR professional at the nonprofit discussed in this unit's vignette. 

  • What could you do as an HR professional to help the hiring situation with the general counsel?
  • Would it be a good idea to re-announce the position? Why or why not?
  • What are the possibilities that something went wrong with the preparation of the announcement of the job to the public or that the general counsel was unclear about the expectations about the credentials or qualifications necessary for the position?
  • What other underlying issues may be affecting the situation of this hiring action?

Remember that any time you use sources to support your statements, you need to reference and properly cite those sources using current APA standards. 

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