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HSM542 Week 8 Final Exam

HSM542 Week 8 Final Exam

Question 1 (CO C) Discuss the similarities and differences between a living will and durable power of attorney. Discuss why so few patients have a living will or durable power of attorney on file prior to being hospitalized and the legal implications if one is not completed before a medical procedure. List 2 situations where a living will or durable power of attorney may be challenged on the basis of ethical OR legal reason.

Question 2 (CO D) Debate the argument that quality of life is more important than quantity of life. What are the ethical and legal issues in support that quality of life is more important than quantity of life. List 2 patient situations/conditions/diagnoses where quality of life is clearly more important than quantity of life and what you would do in each.

Question 3 (CO E) Summarize the legal and business aspects of health insurance. Discuss why, or why not, the reimbursement for healthcare services fluctuates depending on the value/outcomes of services provided with ethical rationale. Provide 2 changes you would make to the current health insurance/managed care system that would improve the ability to balance costs, quality, and access to services for all stakeholders with rationale.

Question 4 (CO H) Debate the pros and cons of universal healthcare in the U.S. Provide a list of reasons why the U.S. has not adopted universal healthcare like many other countries. Make 2 recommendations to improve the current healthcare system with ethical and legal rationale.

Question 5 (CO A) Discuss the ethical and legal controversy over “designer babies” where genetic modification can be made to determine eye and hair color among other desired attributes. Discuss reasons for legalizing this procedure universally. Discuss reasons against legalizing this procedure universally.

Question 6 (CO B) Discuss the ethical and legal controversy over “medically assisted procreation” where technology allows the possibility for creating life when it is naturally impossible. Discuss reasons in support of medically assisted procreation. Discuss reasons against medically assisted procreation.

Question 7 (CO F) Discuss why EMTALA (Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act) was originally passed. Debate whether this law is fair to hospitals/providers working in inner city or rural locations. Make an argument for or against changing EMTALA law based on ethical considerations for all stakeholders impacted. Provide one example of how EMTALA law negatively impacts a stakeholder of your choosing (e.g., patient, provider, insurance company, etc.).

Question 8 (CO G) In a lawsuit happy society, everyone is to blame. But are they? Consider the case where a patient does not follow doctor’s orders for wound care (i.e., difficult to prove) and acquires a post-operative infection that requires another medical procedure. What is the burden of proof needed for the malpractice lawsuit to go forward? Who could be named in the lawsuit? Provide rationale for why malpractice reform should be passed and what that reform would consist of (i.e., damage award limits, pre-judicial validation, etc.).

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