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i need help to write my paper of the assignment below. research and do my paper no plagirism. 2 assignment

i need help to write my paper of the assignment below. research and do my paper no plagirism. 2 assignment

If you can’t complete within the timeframe, please do not ask to do it.  i am unfortunately on crunch time because another tutor still have not come. i need this finish a.s.a.p.Lawyer Advertising: Ethical…or not?Course outcome addressed in this Assignment:PA253-5: Construct advertisements utilizing ethical rules governing legal advertising.GEL-7.5: Evaluate ethical rules applicable to field of study.InstructionsFor the Unit 6 Assignment, you will prepare two separate lawyer advertisements using Power Point. You will start by reviewing Model Rule 7.2 located here: the comments to Rule 7.2 which are located here: first advertisement should be false and or/misleading and thus a violation of rule 7.2. The second advertisement will comply with the requirements of rule 7.2. You will also provide a one paragraph explanation (in a Word document) explaining why your first advertisement does not comply with the rule and how the second advertisement does comply with the rule.Each advertisement should consist of a minimum of three slides. You will create two separate Power Point presentations. You will label the first presentation as yourname.LegalEthics.Advertisement1 and the second presentation as yourname.LegalEthics.Advertisement2.Feel free to be creative with regards to the design of your presentations! You can use clip art, audio, and even animations if you so choose!Your Assignment should consist of the following :Part 1:Power Point Presentation 1: A false and misleading advertisement that clearly violates the parameters established by Rule 7.2 and its corresponding comments.Part 2:Power Point Presentation 2: An advertisement that complies with the broad requirements of Rule 7.2Part 3:A one paragraph discussion as to why the first advertisement does not comply with Rule 7.2 and an explanation of why the second advertisement does comply with the rule.Here are some additional tips to help you format Part 3:Keep all font color consistent throughout. If a blue hyperlink appears remove it by hovering over it and right clicking;Avoid the use of first personDouble space throughout your submissionUse Times New Roman Size 12 fontProvide an APA formatted cover sheet2nd assignmentTimesheet TroublesCourse outcome addressed in this Assignment:PA253-4: Apply ethical rules concerning client fees and law firm billing practices.GEL-7.5: Evaluate ethical rules applicable to field of study.InstructionsPenny Paralegal works for the law firm of Wright & Honour, LLP. Penny must record her time daily on a time sheet. Most of Penny’s tasks during the day can be billed to a certain client. However, Penny also performs other tasks that cannot be billed to any specific client, and this non-billable time must also be recorded on her timesheet. She does not have to record breaks or her lunch hour on the timesheet. Penny is required to have at least 9 billable hours of work completed each day. Penny is allowed to bill travel time to the client.On 11/14/14, Penny spent a lot of time doing online shopping—instead of working- and did not meet her requirement of 7.5 billable hours by the end of the day. In order to meet her billing requirements, Penny decided to add time to the tasks she was able to complete on 11/14/14 and recorded these hours on her timesheet. This timesheet was submitted to her supervising attorney and included the following information:Penny’s Timesheet FormAttorney Honour reviewed Penny’s timesheet and was very upset with the way it was completed. He told Penny that she had incorrectly billed her time for the day and asked her to re-do the timesheet accurately and in accordance with the Model Rules of Ethics. Please use this link to access Penny’s timesheet and complete it accurately. You are to provide a one paragraph description of what Penny did wrong and outline which Model Rule(s) of Ethics was/were violated.Please note that the firm bills time in 6 minute increments, so, for example, .1= 6 minutes, .5=30 minutes, and 1.0=one hour, and so on. Time that cannot be billed to a specific client must be documented on the time sheet as non-billable time, listing “Wright & Honour, LLP” as the client.Make sure that your time accurately represents the tasks and specific time actually spent on each task throughout the day!Blank Timesheet Form11/14/2014: Billing Information for Revised TimesheetCase name: Smith v. McDonald’s. Time Billed : 1 hour Actual time: 24 minutesCase Name: Jones v. Driver. Time Billed: 1 hour and 12 minutes Actual time: 48 minutesCase Name: Badd vs. Bob Hurt. Time billed: 2 hours. Note: The paralegal completed this work at the same time as she was traveling by train, and billing her time, to attend the deposition of Dr. Feelgood.Case Name: Injuree v. Falt Description Traveled by train to attend deposition of Dr. Feelgood. Client: Speedy Insurance Company Time Spent: 2 hoursDescription: Spoke with supervising attorney about format for doing initial interviews with new clients. Time Spent: 12 minutes.Description: Met with other paralegals on team to discuss conversion of office documents to electronic files. Time Spent :30 minutesCase Name: Wounde v. Saffe. Time Billed: 48 minutes, Time Spent: 48 minutes.Case Name: Autow v. Walker Description: Time billed: 24 minutes Time Spent: 6 minutesDescription: Docketed court dates in various cases. Time Spent: 12 minutesCase Name: Walco v. Guy Time Billed: 42 minutes ,Time Spent 24 minutes

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