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Importance of Play Flyer Guidelines

Importance of Play Flyer Guidelines


Create a 1 pg. Flyer addressed to families who have questions about the role of play in the early childhood program. Explain your rationale for making play an important part of the child’s education.

Include the following:

Front cover.

Importance of play and benefits of play.

Connect the domains of development( cognitive, biosocial, social and emotional) with play and how to play helps each domain of development.

Types of social play- short description.

3 Tips for parents and 3 easy yet creative play activities

Choose 3 learning areas of the preschool classroom and explain what the children are learning at each area.

Have 6 boxes 3 in front 3 on the other side.

Use colorful pictures.

Use bullet points rather than paragraphs as much as possible

Make your flyer look professional. Use Microsoft publisher to help you 

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