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information is included

information is included

please comment on this.What information is included (and what is excluded or ignored) can have a tremendous impact on the overall result of a report or other business document.  As you can imagine, a fair and balanced look at a subject is generally preferred but in reality that is often not the way a situation like the presentation happens.  Instead, we fall prey to our own biases and often put more of an emphasis on the things that support our side while paying less attention (and putting less faith in) resources that do not support our claims.  This is particularly difficult when the “other side” has better support and seems to actually be a better choice.So what is the choice class?  When we develop a presentation where we are attempting to persuade our reader to make a choice that agrees with our recommendation is it more important to be “right” or to “get it right” so to speak?  How does a well-placed image help us make this distinction?

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