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Interview project 2

Interview project 2

Interview Project


For Step 2 of the interview project, conduct 30 minutes of intensive interviewing. You can break this time up however you wish (1 30-minute interview, 2 15-minute interviews, etc.). Then, analyze your interviews by transcribing the audio and coding the transcripts.

Once you complete your analysis, submit a 1-2 page description of your findings and their significance for your topic.

Your 1-2 page description of findings and conclusions should include:

  • one or more paragraphs that describe the findings from the interviews based on your coding of the transcripts
  • one or more paragraphs that discuss the significance of the findings as they relate to the topic of your study

Include a copy of your transcripts with your submission. The transcripts should clearly identify each speaker (while preserving anonymity!) and provide space for easy reading and coding of responses. The codes you used to analyze your data should appear within the text of the transcripts.

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