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Journal Article-7

Journal Article-7

Pick one of the following terms for your research: bounded rationality perspective, cognitive biases, decision learning, devil’s advocate, groupthink, incremental decision model, management science approach, nonprogrammed decisions, rational approach, or satisficing.

Instructions Must be careful on this part.

  • 1. The Reference used should be 3 years old or less. This is stated in the Syllabus and was on my email from last week. This Reference MUST be from a peer-reviewed academic journal.
  •  2. Remember that there are 4 parts to this assignment. 1. Definition section, 2. Summary section – minimum of 150 words, 3. Discussion – minimum of 300 words, and 4 Reference section.
  • 3. You need to use proper APA format including in-text citations. You can find good information on proper APA format at or

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