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Journal article review

Journal article review


· Review and analyze a recent journal article (published within the last 5 years) from a peer-reviewed publication (e.g The Journal of Infectious Diseases) about a Lyme Disease

· You must evaluate the chosen paper against at least 4 other peer-reviewed sources.

· You may cite your text; however, it does not count as one of your peer-reviewed sources.

· For each review, you will select an article about a topic from the required readings between each review assignment submission. 

· You will then compose a 4 -page paper, not including the cover page and references, on your topic of choice.

· The goal of the assignment is to help link the current best practices identified in your text and the ongoing developments of research reflected in the peer-reviewed literature in support of learning outcomes A and B. 

· You should, therefore, choose articles related to current epidemiologic trends for infectious diseases and/or the impact of the diseases and of the control measures on global populations. Special attention should be devoted to understanding the role of infectious agents as causes of morbidity and mortality in the context of economically developing nations.

Be sure to include the following elements:

· A clearly documented reference to best practices or standard of care

· Reported findings are completely and fairly assessed and critiqued

· A summary of the principal contents of the article under review

· Adequate information to understand the central themes and recommendations

· Paper, references, and citations all consistently follow current AMA formatting

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