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julibert 2

julibert 2


reference book    

TEXTBOOK: Noe, R.E. (2017) Employee Training and Development 7e. NY: McGraw Hill. Do not use previous editions. 

reply to the students' response in 150 words minimum and provide 1 reference


  Differentiate training from education and development. 

Student response

 Education focused towards developing new knowledge and skills for individuals to gain knowledge, increase their awareness and pursue a job or career. For example, I am currently pursuing my master’s degree in HRM to prepare myself in the future when I retire from the military, obtaining this degree will help me get the career I want after the military.
Training is the development of skills, attitudes and improving the abilities of the performance through hands on experience and practice. It is done to address the gaps in performance, skills and learning for better job performance and outcomes.
Development refers to training as well as formal education, job experiences, relationship, and assessments of personality, skills, and abilities that help employees prepare for future jobs or positions. (Noe, 2017, p.8)

Noe, R.E. (2017) Employee Training and Development 7e. NY: McGraw Hill. 

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