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Juvenile Delinquency Unit VIII

Juvenile Delinquency Unit VIII

This assignment will allow you to further explore programs that are the future of juvenile justice. To begin, attached is the article from the Academic OneFile database in the CSU Online Library: Keena, L. (2015). Restorative justice and higher education: The interactive classroom. Corrections Today, 77(3), 54-59. After reading the article, submit a two page paper summarizing the article. Please include the following components in your video: · Provide a short introduction of the article to include the main idea(s). · Include the purpose of this article. · Provide an evaluation of the article: o Is the main idea important? o Does this article relate to juvenile delinquency; why, or why not? o What are the strengths and weaknesses of the article? o Was it well written, organized, and easy to understand? o Who is the intended audience? o Is the article supported by evidence? o Did the author forget anything? 

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