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Latin American Paper

Latin American Paper

Instructions:In answering each question, you must write 5 paragraphs. It must have an introduction, a body and aconclusion. Your essay will be evaluated in terms of knowledge of the material, clarity andorganization of ideas, and analysis. IN answering the questions provide as many facts as youcan….be very generous with the reader!!! (Total value: 100 pts.) Please use some quotes from the articles and try to use the articles posted to answer the question —————————————————————————————————————————————————Question 6Vicente Fox’s electoral victory in 2000 marked the end of the PRI to 70 years of PRI control.What changed in Mexico under Fox? What are the achievements and failures of Fox’sadministration?Please consider economic, political and social aspects. (Note: You must read thearticles by Schedler (“Mexico’s Victory…,” 2000), Starr (2002) and Lawson (2004).)Question 77. Why did the PRI win the elections in 2012? Has the PRI changed? What are the implicationsof this victory for democracy in Mexico? (Note: You must read Flores-Macías’ “Mexico’s 2012Elections: The Return of the PRI.”)Question 88. Why and how criminal violence challenge democracy in Mexico? (Note: You need to readShedler’s article on the “The Criminal Subversion..” to answer this question)

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